Elegant Birdhouses Inspired by the Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright and the Bauhaus

A creative designer will make a masterpiece out of anything, even a little birdhouse, and that is the case with Douglas Barnhard, founder of home décor firm “Sourgrassbuilt”. Barnard creates wooden furniture, breadboxes, accessories, and some quite elegant birdhouses. His birdhouse designs are inspired by the mid-century modern architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, Joseph Eichler, and the Bauhaus.

Image via Sourgrassbuilt

The houses are basically made of wood scraps, with additional elements from Walnut, bamboo, teak, and mahogany to give it them a classy look. Some of the surfaces are painted with colors like green, orange, gray, or white, to give the houses a slightly vibrant yet minimalistic appearance. Some of them are, also, provided with lush green walls or roofs and flower boxes with little succulents. One of the remarkably interesting houses features a geometric perforated screen; the contrast between the solid and void and the playfulness makes its architecture quite appealing.
Those unique little houses are meant to be attractive to the birds. They have sufficient space so that can play, rest, and do as they please. Who said bird, also can’t live elegantly? Now, let’s check out some of them.

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