Crimean Pinecone Lamp | Pavel Ekra

Composed of 56 plates and screws, Russian designer Pavel Eekra has designed the Crimean Pinecone Lamp without an internal frame, this may be because of the rounding shapes plaques form gaps through which light passes. Boards themselves are also slightly transparent, which creates a particular pattern of light from the outside and downward bright light.

According to Ekra’s website… The lampshade, especially harmoniously and effectively complement the space whether it’s a living room, kitchen or table in your cafe. Very original series looks lampshades, filling interior unique atmosphere in eco-style. Also, the “Crimean lamp” can become the heart and soul of any holiday home.

designed by Pavel Ekra

 Fixing parts is carried out manually by a set of small bolts and nuts. Smooth geometry of parts made of wood, technology and modular design symmetry.
It represents the fusion of nature and industrial design. When the main light beam pointing down. The light also passes through the gaps between the plates and through the plates themselves, revealing the unique texture of the wood.

designed by Pavel Ekra
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