Is high end technology the answer to repair what the industrial era has done and bring back nature into our lives? It might just be, as we can witness an increasing number of designs inspired by nature.


Courtesy of EDAG

German engineering firm EDAG has created the Light Coccon sports car, which utilizes a bionically optimized exoskeleton structure, wrapped in an waterproof textile. The outer-panel is created by Jack Wolfskin, called Texapore Softshell, and it is supposed to be four times lighter than standard copy paper, which, apart from the “cracked sandston, reptilian” appearance, was the main concern of the design.

Courtesy of EDAG

Courtesy of EDAG

The design is a continuation of the very successful GENISIS, being a lighter, more impressive model, with all unnecessary items removed, with the help of 3D printing, an approach that may very well influence all future car manufacturing. However, this is a premature statement, since the creators have stated that this style of production in not ready for on-road purposes, but is still in an experimental and discovery stage.

A sustainable solution, inspired by nature (in the sense that it uses material only where it is absolutely necessary) the car is scheduled to be revealed to public at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show in March.

By:Lidia Ratoi

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