The Zipper Dress, created by designer/artist Sebastian Errazuriz mostly speaks for itself. An incredible concept, it’s the grown-up, sexy, big sister of those ridiculous shorts/pants that were big in the early 2000’s. Made of over 50 strips which can zipper off individually, the dress exists as an infinitude of possible outfits, incorporating both bottoms and tops.

Courtesy of Sebastian Errazuriz

The idea was to create a single dress that could easily be reconstructed over and over again to comply with hundreds of variations. The zipper dress can be adapted from a full-length night dress, to a T-shirt, a miniskirt or even a belt.

The dress was made with 120 custom made zippers. Each one of them can be either separated from the rest of the dress or open to play and reveal layers or skin beneath. Its author the artist and designer Sebastian ErraZuriz believes the concept is particularly poignant in the current economic crisis; buy one dress, get a hundred different fashion possibilities. The dress is a one of a kind piece, yet could be produced industrially for a relatively accessible price.

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