Designed by Aedas and located in Xuzhou, the ‘Imperial Emperor’s Town’, the Xuzhou Suning Plaza connects time and space with the ‘lucky cloud’. Traditionally the ‘lucky cloud’ is interpreted as magical and delightful in Xuzhou. The changing of forms inspires reverie. The oval buildings reflect the union of masculine and feminine qualities as well as power and gentleness. The ring shaped design represents the formation of atmosphere. The hard and soft lines symbolise the co-existence of strength and elegance.

Arch2O Xuzhou Suning Plaza Aedas-5

Courtesy of Aedas

The project, with a site area of 44,338 square meters, comprises a five-star hotel, Grade-A office and SOHO buildings as well as serviced apartments. With construction commenced in 2012, the plaza is expected to be a keyhole to the future development of the city upon completion in 2016.

Courtesy of Aedas

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