Using Ropes, glue, and crystals for vertical emptiness Yasuaki Onishi creates abstract sculptures. Onishi is very familiar with these resources as they are his trademark materials, mediums, and textural applications in creating such immersive sculptural illustrations.

Arch2o-Using Rope  Yasuaki Onishi  (8)

Courtesy of Yasuaki Onishi

The “vertical emptiness” is created by suspended ropes, which are a column of strings that fall to create a mesh bowl. Then he drips hot glue on each string. The glue line connects from the bottom to the top with gleaming crystallized areas rigid along the flimsy lines.

Arch2o-Using Rope  Yasuaki Onishi  (5)

Courtesy of Yasuaki Onishi

As the sculpture hangs in the gallery space the rest of the space that is not occupied by the work is filled with a combination of gravity, time, action, heat and crystallization. His ethereal work has been exhibited as part of a search of critical imagination displayed at the fukuoka art museum in Japan.

 By Andreas Papazafeiropoulos

Courtesy of Yasuaki Onishi

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