Truth is Beauty | Marco Cochrane

There were plenty of truly great works at this year’s Burning Man Festival, but one sculpture caught everyone’s eye. A beautiful metal woman, standing 55ft tall on the Playa floor in a playful pose of strength and femininity, was the center of attention at Burning Man. Created by San Francisco based artist Marco Cochrane, the inspiring sculpture is titled Truth is Beauty.This whimsical structure is the second installation in a series of giant metal statues called The Bliss Project. The Bliss Project is centered on the concepts of freedom, empowerment, and security for women. They hope to bring awareness to ending violence against women and create a community of respect. Fashioned from stainless steel, the mesmerizing sculpture incorporated a stunning illumination effect using 1,500 LED lights to give the giantess an ever-changing presence. Truth is Beauty was modeled after Deja Solis who did a fantastic job capturing the feminine spirit.The sculpture first started out as a life sized clay model, was upgraded to an 18ft clay model, and then finally was created in its current form. The torso of Ms. Solis was made first and brought to Burning Man in 2011. The rest of her body was reunited this year for the most recent Burning Man Festival.The first sculpture in The Bliss Project series, Bliss Dance, which was featured at Burning Man in 2010 is now on display at Treasure Island in San Francisco. There is expected to be one more statue in the series titled: R-evolution. Check out The Bliss Project’s official website and keep an eye out for the next amazing sculpture.

Courtesy of Marco Cochrane
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