Thibaud Poirer Captures Symmetric Pictures of Libraries from Around the World

Although he is now settled in Paris, photographer Thibaud Poirer spent most of his life traveling between many countries and experiencing many cultures. That had a great influence on his perception of capturing interiors. He traveled from one city to another with his camera taking shots of the world’s most famous libraries. The symmetrical shots are extraordinary, and they convey the grandiose of the interior.

El Ateneo, Buenos Aires, 1919 _ Photography: Thibaud Poirer

His newest series “Libraries”  features grand reading rooms from a number of renowned libraries worldwide. They are rich with beautiful architecture and different decorative styles from various eras. The photographed libraries include Biblioteca Joanina in Coimbra, Portugal, Trinity College Library in Dublin, Ireland, Stadtbibiothek in Stuttgart, Germany, and Bibliothèque Nationale de France in Paris.

You can check the rest of Poirer’s collection, which amounts to 25 photographs, on his website.



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