The Rialto Entertainment Commercial building by HBH Architects presents a modern form, representing a new era to the community. The building is composed of, of banks, exhibition, retail district, food court and cinemas. The building’s location was of great focus point. With its different functions and its importance of a role to the community, it was decided that the form would be of contrast with the back cloth of the buildings.  Having the banks in an underground floor, where one can view half of the floor from the outside; achieved an extra retail floor, the use of the ground floor to the public and made the exterior façade not dull at night since the banking systems close early during the day.

Arch2O-Cinema Rialto Perspective-10

Courtesy of HBH Architects

The skin of the building is composed of a zinc rain screen cladding system and underlined by an aluminum sheet as a supporter. While the openings in the form were generated from the divestiture of the historical ornaments related to the historical site, fabricating a pattern that was added to the skylight structure and also affected the interior light and shadows in the building. The structure is composed of concrete column grid covered by fire- fighting materials and flat slabs

Arch2O-Cinema RialtoSection 2--02

Courtesy of HBH Architects

Engraving a part from the whole figure; resulted in the creation of several focus points to the structure. Where the user would interpret a different part of the building as the distance differs. In addition to the curvature in the form and plan which made the accessibility of direction more vivid.

Two routes were drawn from the main axis, creating a loop to the former line. The routes go along the retail area, food court and cinema.

Arch2O-Cinema Rialto Perspective-08

Courtesy of HBH Architects


HBH Architects: Moataz Mohamed hamed , Mahmoud Morsy Mohamed, Ahmed Fawzy Ibrahim , Aida Mohamed Ereibi, Asmaa Gamal Abdullah, Basant Mahmoud Agami, Karim Adel Fouad, Ola Mostafa Ali & Rana Mahmoud Khalil.


Courtesy of HBH Architects

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