Inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s spherical shell structures, comes the Q1 chair designed by Odesd2.

Q1 Chair  Odesd2 (3)

Courtesy of Odesd2

The chair is designed with the principle of these shell structures in mind. As they form the basis for the geodesic dome, which are famous for being able to withstand heavy loads, even when light components are used. This produced a chair that resembles these structures; the advantage in having this shape is that it provides great comfort as the space gives a natural feel for its users.

 Q1 Chair  Odesd2 (14)

Courtesy of Odesd2

The chair’s upholstered with felt, which is great for keeping warm, and filled with Hollowfiber®. It’s not only environmentally friendly but it also enables the shape of the cushion to be retained after continuous use, which is a great advantage.

 By Shanaire Blythe

Courtesy of Odesd2

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