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Plug-in Ecology

Neglect is one of the prevalent evils of the 21st century. Unfortunately, there are unintended consequences for every good or bad action of mankind whether we acknowledge or neglect it.
For so long, humanity and the built environment has suffered neglect from the hands of careless, short-sighted, and loveless designers. The horrible effect of such neglect is a rapid rise of unsustainable, buildings. As a popular adage quips “there is light at the end of the tunnel.” The light at the end of this tunnel in this case of neglect is called Plug-in Ecology by Terreform ONE, which is a non-profit design group that promotes smart design cities. Simply put, the Plug-in Ecology by Terreform ONE is a system, which seeks to solve/minimize the unhealthy and destructive relationship between man and his environment, and replace it with a symbiotic/cooperative relationship by bringing green elements into our living areas.

The effect of this practice are as follows:

1) Man will be more comfortable, productive, and healthy
2) The environment will be more beautiful
3) The buildings and local infrastructure will have a longer life cycle
4) Natural resources will be conserved for posterity
5) There will be a rise in the value of property
6) There will be a reasonable reduction in the cost of operating and maintaining the built environment
7) There will be a reduction in the generation and emission of waste products
8) The air and water quality will be improved

Disregarding the technical aspects that may come up, I commend this project for its radical take on attempting to insure a healthy environment for the present and the future.By: D’zyna Eni
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