Perspective Playground | Explore the Art of Image – Olympus

Perspective Playground | Explore  the Art of Image – Olympus

Olympus has strived to offer the general public the real-life experience photographers have, through the Perspective Playground. When art is being used as a service to photography and vice versa, it consolidates the idea that even a novice photographer can enjoy the quality of the installation by looking through the lens of the camera. Every visitor who enters the installation is provided with a camera and a specific program to follow, in order to experience the installation as well as at the same time be inspired by the revolutionary advancement in cameras by Olympus. The artists aimed to bring people to the core of art and make them understand how the artist wanted to represent the concept was a journey that spread through several levels. Ten installations, ranging from minimalistic, graphic, geometric, and colorful pieces make the visitor interact with them and engage them in a form of dialog. The installations also represent the personal vision of the artist and the understanding of the image. “The opportunity to enter the dramatic atmosphere of 3D home Sachwitz Leigh,  INSIDEOUT; play in the kaleidoscope of life-size architectural A2arquitectos, MAGIC KALEIDOSCOPE; venture into the recreational facility and the ultra colorful street artist Maser or receive optical effects of stunning works.” The whole concept of Perspective Playground is to enhance the skills of the public while looking at the image and having fun at the same time, i.e Explore the Art of Image. In order to assist the public more freely, monitors are installed, which help them by providing information on where to move next and when is the correct time to take the best picture. Paris and the Palais de Tokyo have been chosen by Olympus as the sites for the installations to be exhibited till 25th November 2015.

By: Muhammad Umair Siddiqui
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