Evgeny Kazantsev

As a society, we are building a future of endless possibilities. Comparing today’s world to that of the past, many day-to-day inventions have taken place. However, when combined together, these small innovations have led to the development of the great societies in which we live. Many new innovative technologies have entered our daily lives, influencing the ways in which we think and perform our everyday activities. In the past years cities have grown to develop advanced technologies such as architectural construction methods, vehicle design, and many others. Evgeny Kazantsev, a talented Russian digital artist, has imagined multiple scenes that could represent our future world. He combined real world locations such as cities and oceans with future technologies, thereby, giving an insight into what the future might look like.

Courtesy of Evgeny Kazantsev

Courtesy of Evgeny Kazantsev -an underwater built city is envisioned through technological advancements image © bang! bang! illustration agency

In his artwork series ‘Past in the Future’ Kazantsev combined advanced future technology in a way that adds to the value of human activities. He imagined ways in which construction methods, shipping, and travel are made easier for people. One might imagine the future as a very cold and colourless place; a time where future cities are completely constructed out of steel and glass, and where human life is controlled by robotics and machinery. However, looking at the very warm and colourful images by Kazantsev, they display a familiar vintage character. The images are very dynamic; they represent an exciting part of the future, a part that still holds an aesthetic value and shows an appreciation for humanity. The amount of detail and proficiency in which this series was completed is stunning.

Courtesy of Evgeny Kazantsev

Courtesy of Evgeny Kazantsev-huge aircraft can transport more people than previously imagined image © bang! bang! illustration agency

In one image Kazantsev illustrates how construction drones will help move shipping cargo onto watercraft. The image is full of details; the city’s image is enhanced by the technological addition. The details of the materials, the skyline, and the city’s atmosphere bring the artwork to life. In another illustration the artist displayed human architectural technologies on the surface of the moon. The growth of human innovations is heading towards the inhabitation of outer space. This image is a very promising vision of the future, humans in this image are still the focus of life and innovation. Kazantsev envisioned bigger aircrafts carrying more people onboard. He imagined cities built under water with new technologies, allowing for a new human experience. The artist illustrated a future city where streets are more dynamic and where highways occupy an elevated layer, adding to the travel routes and opportunities. His images continually add to a great vision of a future that we excitingly anticipate.

Courtesy of Evgeny Kazantsev

Courtesy of Evgeny Kazantsev-construction drones help move shipping cargo onto watercraft image © bang! bang! illustration agency

In another breathtaking piece, Kazantsev imagines a city protected from the negative technology by a dome. Other structures, such as bridges, connect buildings above the ground. Looking at these mesmerizing images, the future is displayed as a beautiful place where humanity is still significant and where technology aids the human daily living.

Courtesy of Evgeny Kazantsev

Courtesy of Evgeny Kazantsev – architectural technologies allow for the development of structures on the surface of the moon image © bang! bang! illustration agency

By:Ala’ Abuhasan

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