Official World Trade Center Oculus NYC Construction Time-Lapse

World Trade Center Transportation Hub ‘Oculus NYC’: EarthCam released this time-lapse movie showcasing The Oculus NYC construction, from July 2011 to May 2016, in honor of the ribbon cutting ceremony on May 26. The video is framed by more than one million high-resolution photographs and panoramas mixed into a wonderful cinematic time-lapse movie, showcasing the nearly 5-year project from start to finish in less than 2 minutes.

Brian Cury, the CEO and Founder of EarthCam, has commented on the video saying that “Unique and impressive designs like The Oculus NYC are defining 21st century architecture and my hope is this movie acts as a time capsule of our innovative culture. We are proud to provide industry leaders with a powerful visual medium to showcase their legacy projects in a meaningful way for future generations.”

Director and Producer: Brian Cury
Archival Producers: Lana Moskalyova and Juan Navas
Webcam Technology: Bill Sharp, James Nicoll, Michael Winfield and Colin Sheehan
Editors: Brian Cury and Brandon Lum
Assistant Editors: Jeffrey Mayhew and Billy Paladino
Location: Millenium Hilton and Century 21
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