Goddamn it! This place is clean. And I say that with the greatest possible connotations. Today we might see some futuristic buildings, but they seem to have a slightly muddled feel often. Perhaps it is too many curves? You know, like we can almost sense that it was curves for the sake of curves? Well not so in this cantilevered ‘office+’ located in Graz, Austria and designed for the Pachleitner Group (who specialize in jewellery and spectacles) and Wegraz (a Graz-based company for urban renewal and refurbishment in Graz, Austria). Here at the MP09 Black Panther designed by GS Architects, a very future-ful scheme is executed with diamond edge precision. Clean lines that run skew, creating interesting visual cues throughout the spaces

 © GS Architects

The building is host to a hotel, rentable office space, a shop, and a restaurant. As well as what is probably a pretty nice open-air terrace located over the buildings large, reaching cantilever. I’m sorry, let me get back to those skew lines. They really do just make the place. And it’s not even physical ‘line-creating things’ which make these lines- reflective surfaces within and without, reflect these lines and surfaces, presenting them as visages only slightly less real than their corporeal creators.

  © GS Architects

These strong building lines add to the feel that the building is a unified whole. The reflective black glass form is set down over a concrete base- compact and solid at one end, more reaching and energetic at the other, stretching towards the city. This sense of internal tension and dynamism is reinforced throughout the building, whether it be the custom-built furniture or the long strip windows which adorn the facade.

© GS Architects


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