“We’re updating Renaissance”

The city of Lille, France, commissioned the Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde to create an artwork that uplifts and inspires inhabitants daily experience . Roosegaarde created an interactive artwork called ‘Lotus Dome’, which is a living dome made out of hundreds of ultra-light responsive aluminum flowers. The exhibition ‘Lotus Dome’ was opened in Sainte Marie Madeleine Church this week and can be visited free of charge until 13 January 2013.

Courtesy of Daan Roosegaarde

‘Lotus Dome’ is created for the city of Lille and it’s locals. The purpose was to activate the beautiful but deserted Renaissance building, and make the architecture become more alive and contemporary. This dynamic relation between people and technology is what Roosegaarde calls ‘Techno-Poetry’. “Lotus Dome functions as a mediator, connecting elements of architecture and nature, of the past and the future”.

Courtesy of Daan Roosegaarde

When approached, the big silver dome lights up and opens its flowers. Its behavior moves from soft breathing to a more dynamic mood when more people interact. The light slowly follows people, creating an interactive play of light and shadow. The graphic representations of the lotus flower on the walls and the deep bass sound transform the Renaissance environment into a ‘Techno-Church’.

The smart Lotus foil is specially developed by Studio Roosegaarde and their manufacturers, and is made from several thin layers of Mylar that fold open and close when touched by light. This high-tech craftsmanship is similar to the innovative thinking of the church’s architecture of the 16th century. Roosegaarde: “We’re updating Renaissance, applying a high tech layer that makes the architecture come alive”.

Courtesy of Daan Roosegaarde

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