Lexus Tower | Daniel Widrig

I was once told that there are two ways to make a skyscraper. Both incorporate the same two elements: base and tower. First, one can have a base and set the tower on top. Alternately, one might have a base and set the tower down next to and attached to it. The first will stagnate flow and isolate the tower. The latter tends to facilitate flow into the tower- the base will act as a sort of ‘staging ground’ for the tower, funneling flow into the building.

© Daniel Widrig

This tower designed for Lexus by Daniel Widrig appears at first glance to take the latter category to the max. However, one might question whether this continuity runs only skin deep. The structural skin creates a seamless continuation from base to tower. Beneath the skin lies glazing which reveals the underlying floor plates. It is here that the discontinuity shows. Beneath the flowing skin, the base remains intact with floors continuing to the back of the tower, and the tower appears to just sit on top. This might be a case where the ‘beautiful’ solution is not the best.

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