Lets Sit and Talk | Marie Khouri

Marie Khouri is an Egyptian/Lebanese designer based in Vancouver. Khouri moved to Spain as a child because of her assassination of her father with his participation with the Lebanese civil war. When she finally arrived in Paris she started to train as a classical sculpture at L’Ecole du Louvre. Her newest work and what is considered her most significant is called “Let’s Sit and Talk” which is a large scale hand created sculpture that spells out its title in flowing Arabic script at the same time double as a highly organized seating arrangement. When one move around her work they can view hiding places or vantage points form furtive observation. The motivation for the compound lines and obscure negative spaces created from the sculpture is from two of Khouri’s ongoing interests being the Arabic script and intricate patterns of the Mashrabiya. Her sculptures are formed through an extensive hand modeling process that uses traditional sculpting techniques alongside contemporary innovations in material and building standards.

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