aLEGNA’s passion towards wood allows them to understand its genuine properties and work in a way that maximizes their products potential. The design firm has many experience working with yachts that uses rich wood textures to emphasis most of its interiors. aLEGNA uses the combination of such wood and modern materials to create unique interior spaces that are distinct and welcoming.

Arch2o-Laguna Basic Bathtub aLEGNA  (2)

Courtesy of aLEGNA

Laguna Basic bathtubs brings about a neutral feel as the grain of the wood curves in the similar direction to the flow of water. The bathtub acts as a kind of natural vessel that isn’t separate from the water’s motion. The grain also poses the notion that it extents onward into infinity, creating an ongoing experience.

Arch2o-Laguna Basic Bathtub aLEGNA  (8)

Courtesy of aLEGNA

Its simple rectangular, monolithic shape of varying sizes allow its to easily fit anyones’ specific needs. The tone of its color allows you to feel its warming essence and does not separate one from the experience but instead merges them along with it.

By Amal Dirie

Courtesy of aLEGNA

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