It is a new kind of lamp unique in its design, called “kangaroo Light” and created by Studio Banana. It is flexible that you can shape it into different forms, portable, easy to put it anywhere due to its small size and lightweight.

Courtesy of Studio Banana

Courtesy of Studio Banana

It is used for lighting small spaces, to make light in bag or for reading. It is rechargeable via USB port, its battery is lithium ion that offers more than two hours non-stop power. It has 24 built-in LEDs emit a soft radiance from one side.

Description from the designers: “KANGAROOLIGHT is a playful, portable, flexible light. Ingeniously designed to comfortably adjust and sit at the bottom of your bag; providing a soft glow when you are locating things, saving time and avoiding frustration. It has been designed to fully fit your lifestyle and can be used for multiple purposes, lighting your bag is one of the many ways you can use it.”

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