In ancient Japan , the cult of light and its variants were the main element of various types of poetry. Also in traditional Japanese architecture light and shade are the prominent elements. The type of light that enters a room, how it is controlled and the shade that it provoques, it’s all part of a very careful process.

Arch2o-1 (12)

Courtesy of Issey Miyake

Maybe that’s why Issey Miyake inspired in the shadow and the paper controled light of vernacular japan, to create this new lamps. Beyond the shadow, one can found another japanese ancestral motif Miyake lamps, origami.

Arch2o-1 (11)

Courtesy of Issey Miyake

His lamps are folded textile pieces that extend into the lamp shape, which with their shape create different types of light, nuances , representing the continuation of the designer’s work and his Reality Lab studio, creating 2D/3D folded clothing design research.

Arch2o-1 (8)

Courtesy of Issey Miyake

Each of its 10 lamp models are created with a fabric that is derived from the recycling of PET bottles processed using an innovative technology that reduces both energy consumption and CO2 emissions up to 80 % when compared to the production of new materials , revealing an opening ecological paradigm by Miyake . The designs are created using 2D and 3D mathematical principals to define Their shape and extent of light shading .

By Luis Pina Lopes

Courtesy of Issey Miyake



















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