As we are all dwelling in the Social Network, Facebook employees are enjoying their new creative space ‘ Facebook California Offices ‘  by Studio O+A. This new 150,000-square-foot Facebook headquarters is located at Palo Alto’s Stanford Research Park, California. It brings together more than 700 employees from 10 scattered locations around downtown Palo Alto. The playful interior work atmosphere accommodates multi facilities that serve the users while inspiring them to create and build new horizons. Reflecting the concept of the social network, the interior design merges spaces together and encourages positive interaction and connection.

Looking at the new spaces we could glimpse traces of the former laboratory facility for high-tech manufacturer Agilent Technologies. Studio O+A has made extensive use of the existing building and its characteristics. The new interior design draws many aesthetic values from the raw and historic architectural features, while incorporating dynamic colours and details. Many spaces were left unfinished, giving users the opportunity to add their own touch to their work space. These Facebook walls are for employees to write on, sketch, and decorate. Users manipulate the space to fit their use, by moving furniture, adding or removing elements; the space is forever evolving.

Creativity has no limits in this structure. The ‘culture’ of the Social Network was translated into spatial organizations. Studio O+A designers conducted polls among Facebook employees to make design decisions; since the employees came from 10 distinct locations, designers aimed to keep each divisions identity strong, while uniting all distinct identities under one roof. Colours, patterns, and graphics were used in the interior to create visual links between the open floor plan. The original two-story structure has clean lines allowing for its reuse into a flexible open spatial design.

Studio O+A’s marvelous interior design is so playful and dynamic that, just by looking at those interior shots, we feel the spirit of the new place. Lounges and open spaces are large enough for meetings and community interaction. Snacks and meals are constantly provided to employees through a kitchen, a café, and micro-kitchens throughout the headquarters. The employees’ comments and feedback have definitely helped with writing the interior experience. As the designers stated “The result: an office that recreates the feel of Facebook page.” The space is all about its employees and their original ways of expressing themselves.

By: Ala’ Abuhasan

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