Digital Sculptures Kevin MaCK

when the artist was asked who or what influenced his project, his answer was: “My biggest influences are the things I see when I close my eyes and the things I discover while experimenting with 3D computer graphics” .The artist was inspired by implicit surfaces to create this digital sculpture. His theme is pareidolia. He wanted us to see things derived from our own minds when we look to this sculpture.


 Courtesy of Kevin MaCK

When you look to the sculpture for sure you go through visual illusion. It is like hundreds of pieces are integrated with each other to form one big sculpture. This illusion created makes you feel lost. The twisted surface and the hollowed parts leave you ending up getting confused trying to distinguish between the inside and the outside.

Arch2o (4)

 Courtesy of Kevin MaCK

When I see this model it comes into my mind the human blood vessels. This similar strong complex relation and bond between the parts of the sculpture that shows harmony and intimacy.

Arch2o (2)

 Courtesy of Kevin MaCK

This digital model was fabricated using Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3-D printing.

It was made of nylon.

By Rehab Ayman

 Courtesy of Kevin MaCK

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