Digital Flower integrates the beauty of mathematics into the formation of the flowers through the propagation of the mathematical function. From the lily pond to the front square of MoCA, from three-dimensional space to multi-dimensional space, from the specific lotus flower to abstract digital flower, the space and elements have been transformed. When the parametrical inputs of shade, wind or other elements changes, digital flower displays its functional beauty. Mathematical complexity, functionality of form, multi-dimensional space and abstract nature, these compose our understanding for the garden of the future.

Courtesy of Archi-Union Architects

Here’s some more information from the Archi-Union Architects :
A Series of “Digital Garden” Projects are Exhibited at MoCA
MoCA Mock-up Exhibition Opening was hold at MoCA (Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai) in Aug. 3rd, 2012. The exhibition is curate by LIU Yuyang, FENG Lu and WANG Weiwei. Atelier Archmixing, Atelier Deshaus, FENG Guochuan, FENG Lu, Atelier GOM, KUU, YU Ting, Philip F. Yuan+Neil LEACH, ZHANG Bin+ZHOU Wei and Vector Architects were invited to transform MoCA into 10 different theme spaces: Workroom, Bathroom, Garden, Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room, Study Room, Bedroom, Kid’s Room and Guest Room.

Courtesy of Archi-Union Architects

Philip F. Yuan, the leader of DigitalFUTURE Workshop 2012, finished a series of “Digital Garden” projects with the help of workshop’s instructors and students. The series of “Digital Garden” projects are composed of four projects: “Digital Flower” is a landscape installation at the entrance of MoCA’s front square, it combines mathematical complexity with functionality of form, multi-dimensional space and abstract nature, it shows the designer understands for the garden of the future; “Mechanical Garden” is an interactive wall made by steel flowers at the gate of MoCA, it simulates a real garden with the use of Arduino technology; “Terrace Canopy” is a hanging net, which weaves a new relation between the city and the garden; “Terrace Landscape” is a landscape installation among the chairs on the terrace. The flowing membrane, in close relation with the hanging net, gives a new character to the terrace. Walking through the garden, people will be immersed in this multi-dimensional experience which takes them beyond the traditional understanding of beauty.

DigitalFUTURE Shanghai Workshop, Tongji University
Designers: Philip F. Yuan, Sun Chengyu
Design Team: Lv Junchao,Zhang Chunwei,Wu Wei,Zhao Jingtao,Zhang Liang,Li Qunyu,Xu
Wentao,Song Runpu,Zhang Chi,Liang Yan
Size:4.5m (height), 5m (diameter)
Material: GRC,GRG,Steel Frame,High-density PVC
Cooperated Digital Fabrication: E-Grow

Courtesy of Archi-Union Architects

  • mohammad

    veri veri nice . tanks for sait

  • Bruce Sh.

    Vere Veri Very Beautiful. But I would call them Mushrooms instead of flowers. But hey, I didn’t make them 🙂

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