On the shores of Dubai’s Creek, stands a multiuse tower stretching a distance of 284 meter in height. Known as the D1 tower, it houses facilities for both retail and residential uses, which is one of the new showpieces for the development area described as “The Culture Village”.

 Arch2o-D1  Innovarchi (7)

Courtesy of  Innovarchi

The tower took its inspiration from the Sydney Olympic Torch and the Q1 tower in Australia. This influenced a building that is predominantly glazed, and does so using a laying system similar to that of a rose petal, to counter any extreme temperature fluctuations.

Arch2o-D1  Innovarchi (5)

Courtesy of  Innovarchi

At the base of the tower lies a wooden canopy that is displayed with elegance, used to breakup the regimented glazed façade. For the canopy the inspiration came from the construction of the Dhow trading boats looking at the shell of the boat.

Arch2o-D1  Innovarchi (3)

Courtesy of  Innovarchi

One of its other functions is as a moderator for the differences in temperature of the internal to the external spaces, while providing shading for the outdoor space.

 By Shanaire Blythe

Courtesy of  Innovarchi

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