Water fountains have been placed in major cities around the world for centuries. Rome’s baroque-styled water fountains bear witness to the grandiose of ancient fountain architecture. Fountains dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries were often decorated with statues of heroes or animals. They were built to provide a water source for drinking, bathing, and washing, but that is not all there is to fountains. While some fountains had religious values or immortalized some myths, others were made to glorify their builders. In modern times house water taps provided people with clean drinking water which abolished the need for drinking from fountains, and now they are solely for entertainment and recreation.

Here are some water fountains that should be on your bucket list of places to visit:

1. Water Boat Fountain – Valencia, Spain

Courtesy of Jesus Solana

This water fountain mimics the appearance of a boat by having a few rods to act as the main frame. The frame comprises water jets which give the illusion of the body and the sail of the boat.

2. Banpo Bridge – Seoul, South Korea

Photography: Flickr user prachi1996

Seoul, the capital city of Korea, remodeled the Han bridge into a breathtaking water fountain that has become a major tourist attraction. The fountain that shoots water down, not up, pumps out 190 tons of water from the river per minute.

3. Nine Floating Fountains – Osaka, Japan

Courtesy of Isamu Noguchi

This outstanding masterpiece, designed by Isamu Noguchi, was originally built for the World Expo. The two huge boxes seem to be pouring water into a large square basin underneath. It is an optical illusion where a well-hidden pipe feeds water up into each box. The pipe becomes invisible once the water begins to flow.

4. The Divers Fountain – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Photography: Anastasia Pelikh via Shutterstock

Located at Dubai Mall in UAE, the fountain was designed by DPA Architects. The 80- feet tall fountain shows multiple fiberglass sculptures of divers who are free-falling down the complete height of the 4-storey mall.

5. Tunnel of Surprises – Lima, Peru

Photography: Matyas Rehak via Shutterstock

Dubbed by Guinness Records as the largest water fountain complex in a public park, this fountain cost $13 million when it was inaugurated in the 19-acre Parque de la Reseva in 2009.

6. Keller Fountain – Portland, Oregon, USA

Photography: Jeff Day

The artist Angela Danadjieva created the design of this fountain which resembles waterfalls. The ‘white noise’ of falling water isolates the garden from the city and its hustle.

7. Nacka Fountain – Stockholm, Sweden

Photography: Henrik Sundholm

To celebrate the founding of the United Nations, the Swedish Sculptor Carl Milles designed this fountain as a peace monument in 1945. The 24-meter-high fountain was erected at Nacka Strand (Nacka beach) in 1995.

8. The Fountain of Wealth – Suntec City, Singapore

Photography: Lau888 via Deviantart – CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

Hosted by one of the biggest malls in Singapore, the Fountain of Wealth is the world’s largest water fountain. It symbolizes wealth and life, and the bronze ring at its top represents unity, equality, and harmony.

9. King Fahd’s Fountain – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Photography: Mikko Rauhala

The tallest fountain in the world, also known as Jeddah Fountain, ejects water to a distance of 312m with a speed of 375 km/h. It uses salt water from the Red Sea instead of freshwater. Over 500 spotlights illuminate the fountain at night.

10. Vaillancourt Fountain – San Francisco, California, USA

Photography: Mark Interrante

This fountain, also known as Quebec Libre, can be found in Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco. The designer Armand Vaillancourt took the heat for his design being too fierce and modern.

11. Julie Penrose Fountain – Colorado Springs, USA

Photography: Chris Coleman

This 4-storey high fountain, located in the center of Colorado Springs, was designed by David Barber and Bill Burgess. The silver loop is fitted with 366 water jets that line the interior. The loop takes 15 minutes to make a complete turn.

12. Osaka Station Fountain-Clock – Osaka, Japan

Designed by the local firm Koei Industry, the fountain is located at the Osaka City Station. It ejects a wall of water that displays intricate digital floral patterns and shapes. The patterns in addition to a digital style clock are made possible via the aid of a digitally-controlled printer.




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