C.F. Møller‘s Concrete-Timber Hybrid Residential Tower Wins Design Competition in Sweden

Denmark-based C.F. Møller has won a competition to design a residential high-rise in Västerås, Sweden. The 22-storey-tower features a “three-dimensional” façade, with terraces surrounding it from all sides, as well as a green panoramic garden, viewing the city and Lake Mälaren. The unique hybrid structure of wood and concrete will form a landmark for the district of Lilludden.

Courtesy of C.F. Møller

Beating proposals by Wingårdhs & Tham and Videgård Architects, the design by C.F. Møller features an elliptical footprint and open façades from all directions. The tower’s wrap-around terraces are connected vertically by thin glass panels. These panels along with the horizontal thin edges separating the terraces on different levels give a sense of lightness. Also, the glass panels are provided with lighting to illuminate the façade at night, inspired by the northern lights.

Courtesy of C.F. Møller

“The architecture and details of the facades are inspired by the light reflections on Lake Mälaren. The result is a three-dimensional and dynamic facade composition that is exciting to watch both at close range and from a distance,” says Ola Jonsson, architect and associate partner at C.F. Møller. “The panoramic garden placed high up in the building is a focal point for the city and a fantastic common area for the residents of the house. Our ambition has been to optimize the synergies between the city, building, and urban greenery.”

The proposed structure system by C.F. Møller utilizes concrete as a wall-bearing structure system for the first 15 floors topped by the panoramic garden, whereas the 7 floors above are to be framed in solid timber. The façade will be clad in undressed wood which shall be protected from the weather by the overhanging terraces, which can be closed in winter and used as gardens to grow seasonal crops.

Courtesy of C.F. Møller

Besides the apartments, the new tower will include, on its ground floor, a number of restaurants and business premises, facing a sunny outdoor square covered in greenery, to act as a new gathering space for the district. The green square, as well as the panoramic garden, are parts of a plan by the design firm to integrate ecosystems into the urban landscape.

The design competition for this residential tower was organized by the co-operative economic association Riksbyggen, in Västerås. The jury described C.F. Møller’s winning proposal as “a beautiful building with good use of the site – both in terms of location and the creation of the square; the best of the proposals concerning urbanity on the ground floor and the surrounding area; a good provision of apartments as well as a fine distribution of sizes.”

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