On a cold, dark early winter night in the city, it is certainly a treat to arrive at Madison Square Park and bathe into the amazing color patterns emitted thru random compositions of color and speed. This is, Leo Villareal’s new 30-foot sculpture the Bucky ball, a Buckminster Fuller-inspired installation that featurestwo nested, geodesic sculptural spheres, 20 feet in diameter the outer and 10 feet the inner. “My new light sculpture takes the form of a Carbon 60 molecule and expands it to monumental scale.” the artist explains.

Arch2o Buckyball Leo Villareal - 6

Courtesy of Leo Villareal – Photographs : Zulu Padilla.

The lights are arranged in a series of pentagons and hexagons that mirror Fullerene molecules. The artist’s specifically tunes 16 million distinct colors in his own software in 180 LED tubes through basic elements such as pixels and binary codes.

Arch2o Buckyball Leo Villareal - 3

Courtesy of Leo Villareal – Photographs : Zulu Padilla.

These simple elements show us the underlying structure of systems that govern everyday function in human existence. The exuberant, random compositions of varied speed, color, opacity, and scalemerge art and science to purely enhance our sensorial pleasure,

“BUCKYBALL is the free, contemporary art program of the Madison Square Park Conservancy in New York City

Installation on view until February 1, 2013

By Maria Elvira Dieppa

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