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While the concept is not a new one, the powerful images the technique creates continues to carry a strong impact. I remember seeing at least three people create similar works while I was at architecture school, the problem is, that not many of these works ever make their way out of the realm of experiment and investigation.

Arch2o-Bookbound-Luciana Frigerio (6)

Courtesy of Luciana Frigerio

The photographer Luciana Frigerio has recently branched from what could be called statement through the portrayal of occurrence, into the creation of occurrence for the means of statement. A very deep way of saying making photographs of things versus making things for photographs. This series of photographs follows the artist’s investigations into the precise folding of book leaves to create words and images along the fore edge.

Arch2o-Bookbound-Luciana Frigerio (3)

Courtesy of Luciana Frigerio

Courtesy of Luciana Frigerio

  • Luciana Frigerio

    Thank you for featuring my work. I just want to make a correction, the books “Artifact” and “Fresh” were made by two other talented book artists… they were not made by me.

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