AUDI Pavilion | Kollision + BIG + Schmidhuber & Partner

It would be interesting to see how Le Corbusier would react to AUDI’s vision of the future city, where pedestrians and cars share the urban space. Audi invasions a dynamic and responsive space where people have hallows around them that signal to cars which routes to take.

‘Our pavilion for AUDI renders visible the invisible forces that flow through our city – the driverless car is relying on sophisticated sensory and computational technology that constantly observes and calculates the dynamic space that the living city constitutes. The result is an architecture of movement whose forms have not been predetermined by the architect but are constantly being recomposed by the people populating the pavilion.’
– Bjarke Ingels, Founder & Partner, BIG

Courtesy of  Kollision + BIG + Schmidhuber & Partner

The pavilion itself is a work of interactive art it demonstrates the idea so well and in an ingenious and simple manner. Set in Design Miami/ 2011 the Pavilion was the result of a collaboration that teamed Kollision and BIG with Schmidhuber & Partner. The pavilion’s surface continuously gathers information of people’s movements allowing for real-time interaction between vehicles and their environment. The tracking software developed by Kollision receives information from 11 Xbox Kinect cameras mounted overhead. Visitor movement along with the route the car would take in response to the human position is processed and displayed on the LED surface. AUDI displayed its A2 concept car, a gorgeous sleek and futuristic car with an empathetic demeanor does not compete with people for the road but rather rides among them.

Courtesy of  Kollision + BIG + Schmidhuber & Partner

By Danya Hakky


Courtesy of  Kollision + BIG + Sch

midhuber & Partner
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