Aras Chill Dara | Heneghan Peng Architects

Designed by Heneghan Peng architects, Aras Chill Dara is the administrative headquarters of Co. Kildare. The council wished to make their full range of services easily accessible to the public and to situate the building and garden as a public space.

design by Heneghan Peng Architects

This project is formed around the civic garden which slowly inclines from the street to the building entrance, its sloped surface making the garden visible from the street and conversely providing an improved view back to the street.

design by Heneghan Peng Architects

The two bars that form the civic offices enclose and are a continuation of the civic garden. Building and park no longer read as two distinct elements but rather combine to create an outdoor room. The ramps that connect the bars are a transitional space with loose environmental control that allows the park/ amphitheater to visually flow through, while internally the ramps serve as the primary circulation space in the building creating a clear navigation route.

plan 01

Project Info:
Architects: Heneghan Peng architects + Arthur Gibney & Partners
Location: Prosperous Rd, Clane, Co. Kildare, Ireland
Facade: Engineering RFR
Client: Kildare County Council
Size: 11,400 sqm
Building Services: Buro Happold
Project Name: Aras Chill Dara
All Images Courtesy Of Heneghan Peng architects
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