Amazon HQ Proposal | NJJB

In recent years, the major corporations that guide the world in which we live- Google, Apple, Facebook, now Amazon- have designed new iconic headquarters which all seem to be the most innovative, sustainable and collaborative buildings conceived to date. And to their credit- the buildings often are very nearly that.

What you see here is Amazon’s foray into the sphere (pun-intentional). The new, certainly iconic headquarters in Seattle designed by NBBJ is based around three bio-domes, each with five, high-ceilinged, bay floors, each capable of supporting a mature tree. The bases of these domes will be allotted for retail space, with another 65,000 sf for work, dining, meeting, and lounge space.

The complete headquarters will be located around a 5-acre plot which will feature over 3 million sf of office space, three towers, each 38-stories, and a series of connections and pathways fostering collabouration and keeping workers dry.

 By Matt Davis
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