[001.HRR] Concept Motorcycle | compMatter-TA [Luis Quinones, Jonathon Stahl, David Stamatis]

[001.HRR] is a revolutionary concept motorcycle using the cutting edge of material science and technology. A hybrid in some parts, this race replica uses not only thin film solar and paint to harness solar energy but also uses a kinetic energy recovery system [KERS] as a secondary source of power.

Our goal was to rethink not only linear manufacturing processes but also evolve a riders experience and safety through the use of technology and materials. The concept from a mechanical/racer perspective was consulted by Bob Miller (DesmoValves Racing) & Luis Quinones (Ducati 848evo WERA Racer). The idea was to maintain a fairly normalized engine package and transmission while innovating in the areas of systems, technology, material research, and manufacturing processes.

Embedded within the front cowl is a network of custom sensors + “circuit” boards which provide feedback to the helmet HUD [VISON]. The lower front cowl houses the “Cerebro”, a series of high precision optic lenses and sensors which process information for the rider [VISON]. [VISON] allowed us to create a safer motorcycle experience, not only on the street but also on the track. Traditionally “safer” motorcycle concepts involve enclosing the rider inside a shell or protective layer, this is contrary to the spirit of motorcycle riding and racing. Instead [VISON] provides safety in information which is normally not provided as well as eliminating the need to look down at you dash, causing further distractions. This system is powered by a series of “painted” thin film solar sheets embedded in the upper front cowl. These systems along with the emerging circuit board network not only provides power to the sensors but also adds a tectonic quality uncommonly seem in motorcycle fairings.

project : [001.HRR] Hybrid Race Replica
type : Concept Motorcycle Prototype
client : Private

Design Directors:

compMatter-TA: [Luis Quinones, Jonathon Stahl, David Stamatis]


Juanito Oliviera [Luxigon]

Bob Miller [DesmoValves Racing]

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