Drone photography is one of the positive sides of drones. It is a new addition to photography that enables you to rediscover the world. They can show you your favorite places from a different angle, probably one you have never seen before. Drones and only drones can take such pictures.

The eye-catching images differ from those taken by a plane, a helicopter, or a satellite. They are taken from a low altitude which gives them a characteristic fingerprint. As the devices are becoming cheaper and more popular, both amateur and professional photographers are tempted to experiment with them. Here, we get to view the results of this experimenting done by Turkish photographer

Photography: Aydın Büyüktaş

Büyüktaş released “Flatlands II”, a series of interesting photographs, featuring the American Southwest in an unprecedented way. He used drones, 3D rendering techniques, and Photoshop to give his images a playful warping effect. This series comes second in the artist’s “Flatlands” collection. The first Flatlands series featured the photographer’s home city, Istanbul.

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