Paper Cut | Hina Aoyama

Laser cutter.. No ! X-acto knife .. Noo !!
Unlike other artists who are using some tools to elaborate pieces of paper-cut art, Japanese-born Hina Aoyama only uses a pair of scissors and lots of patience to masterfully cut details into sheets of paper to create these super fine, lacy, and fragile artworks. The Paris-based artist takes anywhere from a few hours to several months to complete her lace-like fragile masterpieces, as she needs to keep a steady hand and arm herself with patience throughout the whole creative process.

“I don’t follow traditional, but I am trying to create a mixture of the traditional and modern styles and to produce my own world through this super fine, lacy-paper-cuttings technique.”

Looking at her works, I can’t help but wonder if Hina has some kind of magical powers that help her cut out such delicate marvels, but the videos she made of her carving tiny paper details prove she’s just a very talented artist.

Courtesy Of Hina Aoyama
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