Ondule Chair 

Designed by French designer Mattis Esnault, Ondule is a slip-covered chair that undulating waves of foam similar to brain casserole, according to the Mattis “the chair is an exploration of sound waves and frequency as well as the potential of the materials”. The chair is covered by a skinny yellowish layer of Kvadrat fabric, as it has been arose during a call for projects from the French design schools.


Photos courtesy of v2com.biz.


According to Mattis Esnault website … First, this project is a research work on flexible materials, textiles and foams, and their malleable properties. An initial desire too. Create an animated texture, infuse the object is dynamic, sensual, near the living. Search a natural caracteristic in our environment, seek ripple, shape and movement.

Texture, composed of 3D fabric of Kvadrat mark and a fine foam mattress reveals a chair seems formation, transformation, and provides a surface relief that catches the light at any point on the seat.


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