Japan’s New Luxury Train by Ferrari Designer Gives Passengers Stunning Panoramic Views

Japan strikes again, this time with a luxury sleeper train that is beautiful inside and out. The luxury Shiki-Shima train, run by JR East, was designed by the renowned Japanese designer of the Enzo Ferrari automobile;Ken Okuyama. The 10-car train integrates slick ultra-modern finish with authentic traditional materials.

Courtesy of Ken Okuyama

The exterior of the train features a lustrous champagne with a tint of gold, interrupted by a geometrical pattern of reflective windows. On the other hand, the interior features bent-wood-framed sofas and seats, lacquered wooden flooring and cladding, washi paper walls and screens, as well as cypress bathtubs and cozy carpets.

Courtesy of Ken Okuyama

The train contains 17 rooms, two of which are two-storey luxury suites. All the rooms are provided with beds, storage spaces, and private bathrooms, and the suites will enjoy extra seats and tatami mats. However, the most enchanting aspect of this train is, possibly, the massive glazing panels which envelope the walls and ceiling at both of its ends, providing stunning panoramic views of eastern Japan’s exquisite nature.

Courtesy of Ken Okuyama

The lavish experience of the Shiki-Shima train is complemented by the nickel silver cutlery for dining, designed by Yamazaki Kinzoku Kogyo. The serving staff’s outfit is also custom designed by Noki Tazikawa, the creative director of Japanese casual wear designer Uniqlo. The fare for the luxury train ranges between $2,200 and $10,000, for the two-storey suite, and it has been reported that the train is fully booked until March 2018.

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