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Dutch EU presidency

Who knew, political meetings could be a treat to the eye! DUS architects have designed a façade inspired from the surroundings of the event EU presidency 2016, Amsterdam Marineterrein, which  is the marine area where once the ships were built. Now, it is the origin of a sculptural form – the Europe building which is meant to depict a ship’s sails with the help of a tensile fabric structure.

EU2016 – eyecatching facade for Dutch EU presidency

In the times of limited resources, DUS architects have managed to not only produce a unique façade but also recyclable one. The 3 D printed elements are made of bio plastics which can be fully recycled after the presidency is over.

I did not even talk about the 3 D printing yet. This is the first time worldwide that these kinds of 3D prints are being incorporated in the public domain. The seating elements that are parametrically designed in each niche, are the elements printed locally with XXL 3D printer, with which elements up to 2 x 2 x 3.5 meters can be printed.

EU2016 – eyecatching facade for Dutch EU presidency

It is wonderful to see how passers-by sit in the wall, with the façade becoming a real public place to stay.” – Martjin van Wijk, DUS

The 3D printed blue niches in the sails have patterns of different sizes & shapes which according to the architect represent the variety of the European countries. To add contrast, a lightly coloured concrete padding has been added as a finish to the benches. This temporary structure is not only attractive but also environmentally conscious with installed solar panels and onsite water taps adding to the green aspects of the building.

The architects are enthusiastic for their 3D printed canal house which is due to be completed within next two years, with the success of the 3D design elements in the Europe Building.No doubt, the sails are a vision at night, with spotlights illuminating each 3D printed area from behind, with the playful canvas of the sails, one cannot resist to get on board and Sail away!

EU2016 – eyecatching facade for Dutch EU presidency

Collaborators of the project:
Design: DUS
Parametric development & 3D printing :  Actual
Temporary Structures: Neptunus
Engineering: TenTech
Material Development: Henkel
Light: Philips
Construction & assembly:  Heijmans
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