Creative Alphabet | Alexis Persani

What is graphic design really all about? It’s about experimenting, about having fun with the software, about creating visual appealing elements. Alexis Persani’s personal project, entitled Creative Alphabet, brings together all of these factors. The series of illustrations contains the letters of the alphabet, created through other elements, some of them in raw form, some of them melting, exploding or breaking. It bursts with color and light, bringing into the design all the innocence and fun associated with learning the alphabet. The artist uses modules such as balloons, led lights or pieces of glass to visually assemble the letters, and also uses a multitude of types of fabrics and textures. Her modular approach is also reminiscent of childhood assembly games such as Lego.In just a few words, Alexis Persani’s graphic collection is a fun tribute to childhood memories, brought to us through digital means.

By: Alexis Persani


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