ChonGae Canal Restoration
Revitalization, what a better way to emphasize that idea than through water.
Utilizing the uncovered underground canal to bring a new energy to Central Seoul, Korea, this winning design by Mikyoung Kim Design highlights the importance of unification and pays respects to green living. The restoration takes place at the beginning of a seven-mile green corridor that was once buried under highway infrastructures causing it to be highly polluted. The platform was designed to lead people to the historic ChonGae River that provided a link between the business and commercial districts of the city, and created an active public plaza. This urban open space offers a much-needed gathering area for the community and can easily be transformed and utilized for special events bringing everyone together.

 © Taeoh Kim

By using local materials from the eight providences, Mikyoung Kim Design eloquently satisfied the main competition requirement of emphasizing the future reunification of North and South Korea. Guided by hour-to-hour water levels throughout the year and the possibility of flooding, the queried regional stones were layered and sloped to encourage public interaction and further unify the space. As the first step to a major redevelopment plan for the river, this restoration brings inspiration and drive to this project and sets it up to be a beautiful experience.

 © Mikyoung Kim Photos by Taeoh Kim

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