i Light Marina Bay 2016 – Lampshade | Snohetta

I Light Marina Bay 2016 – Lampshade Project description from Snøhetta: For the I Light Marina Bay, Asia’s leading sustainable light art festival, Snøhetta has created Lampshade – an installation challenging the perception of light as a source independent from its energy source. The lampshade is an ...

Behance Installation | SOFTlab

Behance Installation SOFTlab SOFTlab’s newly received commission to decorate Behance’s new office in New York has resulted in a vivid installation, which impresses with its fluidity and vigorous color.Illuminated from above by a luminescent structure and radiating atmospheric light, the immersive ...

Hakanai | Adrien M & Claire B

 Hakanai A choreographic performance which provides a bridge between a dream and reality by using advanced technology and real-life puppetry – this is what Hakanai stands for. The word Hakanai means insubstantial in Japanese, fragile, and impermanent, the artists being inspired by nature because ...

IT’S A MAZE! | BIG Architects

When I visited the National Building Museum in DC I noticed the large empty space at the center of the museum. While surrounded by wonderful decoration, giant Corinthian columns, and an interior arcade, which still left the overall feel of the space as large and empty. Commissioned by the museum ...

Pop-Up Building Milan | Daniel González

A Cardboard Fairy tale ‘ Pop-up Building Milan ’ is an artistic interpretation of art, culture, and architecture of Milan, trifling across the walls of a Milanese courtyard. A composition created with unconventional materials such as cardboard, adhesive tapes, varnish, cartons, and zip ties, ...

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