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Maria Dermengiu is a Romanian mixed media artist and an illustration lover. Her work reflects her fascination with texture and combined mediums, as well as the predominant source of inspiration – nature. She uses acrylics on canvas and acrylic paste. Her recent works are to be taken as a representation of the unconscious self. The concentric figures depict the nature of the creator’s mind…

Courtesy Of Marie Nouvelle Studio

All of them have a centered point, inviting the watcher to introspect. They could extend to infinity, reflecting the shape of the exterior universe and most importantly, the state of inner perfection we all tend to achieve.

Cheerful colors and playful shapes reflect some kind of freedom as is the spirit of this cheerful artist.

Courtesy Of Marie Nouvelle Studio

Jovana Milovic

The Artist’s Statement:

I believe in passion, in the beauty of nature and in the beauty of the human soul.
My work is about all of the above and I hope you will enjoy being part of my world.

Courtesy Of Marie Nouvelle Studio
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