To eliminate – or at least minimize – the operations of quacks and amateur in highly esteemed professions like Architecture, there is a need to issue out licensure to worthy persons. Different parts of the world have different rules and procedures for the issuance of such Licensure, mostly upon graduation. In 2013, the wheels of time brought new developments for the acquisition of such licenses. The National Council Of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) came up with a new idea- an Integrated Path- to make it possible for architects in the making to be equipped with sufficient skill and knowledge so that upon graduation, they would have met the requirements and would be given their licensure. This meant that Architecture Schools in USA would present a new curriculum that incorporates experience, proper education, and opportunities for undergraduate students. In such manner, they would have met the standard set by the Architect Registration Examinations (ARE) to achieve licensure upon graduation.

Time has since brought favorable winds as the idea has since blossomed. Having assembled a team known as the NCARB Licensure Task Force—composed of interns, recently licensed architects, practitioners, academics, licensing board members and executives, and leaders of the ACSA, AIA, AIAS, and NAAB— the Integrated Path is now ready to run.

Courtesy of David Sundberg / Esto, and Scott Demel

Courtesy of David Sundberg / Esto, and Scott Demel

“We recognize that a program that provides participation in an integrated path to licensure is not for every school or every student.  And as in every new concept, there will be early adopters and those that require additional time. The Council anticipates that participation will be an open-ended prospect, renewing annually as adjustments are made to the program and institutions take whatever time they need to develop an approach or become comfortable with the concept.

This is not about replacing the existing multiple paths to licensure, nor NCARB controlling the curriculum, nor mandating participation. Our hope is to further enhance the path to licensure and uphold the ideals of the profession by creating new opportunities and offering new alternatives.” Says Michael J. Armstrong, Chief Executive Officer, National Council of Architectural Registration Boards.

Below are is the list of 13 Architecture Schools to bring “Path to Licensure” into their Curricula:

• Boston Architectural College; Boston

• Clemson University; Clemson, SC

• Drexel University; Philadelphia

• Lawrence Technological University; Southfield, MI

• NewSchool of Architecture and Design; San Diego, CA

• North Carolina State University; Raleigh, NC

• Portland State University; Portland, OR

• Savannah College of Art and Design; Savannah, GA

• University of Cincinnati; Cincinnati

• University of Detroit Mercy; Detroit

• University of North Carolina-Charlotte; Charlotte, NC

• University of Southern California; Los Angeles

• Woodbury University; Los Angeles

It is my sincere hopes that this list will grow longer with time, and all other schools of Architecture will adopt this beautiful path!

by D’zyna Eni

  • “fast track” ~ this has been the process of my Alma mater, the Boston
    Architectural College, for over a century now. … the school was founded on
    idea of concurrent educational curriculum and professional work experience

    … the IDP program currently required for architectural licensure was similarly modeled off the mandatory divisional work reporting requirements needed for
    our B-arch degree. Now, NCARB is similarly adopting the concurrency element of this reporting as optional standard.
    … I think this as a great alternative to
    the serial credentialing currently needed to sit for the exam (although it’s not
    for everyone) … I also have to say, it is wonderful to see this landmark
    institutions long standing (and often embattled) history and advocacy for a
    concurrent and integrated educational and experiential learning process recognized for
    the very relevant, dynamic and potent education this immersion can
    provide an evolving professional and personal espirit de corps … and that’s
    from 30 years of 20/20 hindsight …….. Cheers

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