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2 in 1 Apartment

Project ”2 IN 1 ”, is situated at the top of Lviv. It is a two-level apartment for a young active man, who loves exploring the world, arts, and travel. The incredible panorama out of the window inspired us to create such a light and open space. So, we decided to combine the first and the second level to get 2 in 1 flat. The main element of the apartment is a table made of the metal frame painted into black.

Photography by © Ross Helen

Our task was to create a comfortable, spacious, inspired space with a relaxing atmosphere. To make space bigger we have increased the overlap of the second floor softly illuminated by the second row of windows that open view of Lviv panorama. On the first level, there is a common space with kitchen, dining and living room, WC. All features are hidden and strategically distributed across space.

Photography by © Ross Helen

Frame metal table is the focal point of our interior, it is viewed from all the main premises of the apartment. Monochrome palette, white stairs, minimum of “deaf” walls, glass partitions and greenery – all this unites and organizes the whole apartment. The second floor is divided into three zones master bedroom with views of our city’s majestic skyline; half-open bathroom with hammock; and around the perimeter –  lounge zone with a library.

Photography by © Ross Helen

Project Info:
Architects: studio architecture & design O.M.SHUMELDA
Location: Lviv, Ukraine
Area: 105.0 m²
Project Year: 2019
Photographs: Ross Helen


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