The Wooden Interior of The Tianxi Oriental Club | Feng Yu

The Wooden Interior of The Tianxi Oriental Club .
Elements that are close to nature always tend to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Constructed entirely from wood, the interior of the Tianxi Oriental Club displays a unique timeless character. The use of this material creates an earthy colour palette for the interior; however, the use of black and white furniture adds a contemporary twist to the very elegant interior. The material choice creates a very inviting atmosphere within the club. Unlike the cold modern buildings and interiors of today’s world, the Tianxi Oriental Club has a very warm and comfortable environment for people to gather and socialize.The arrangement of furniture allows for visitors’ privacy regardless of the open plan layout. Even though it is a public space, the club provides an intimate atmosphere for its users. The high level of detail brings the entire design to a new level of classiness and elegance. The amount of light, and the quality of it, also plays a major role in setting the interior atmosphere. A unity of spaces is created by the way in which the wooden walls merge with the ceiling and continue to different parts of the club. This flow continues to create different openings in the walls for displaying different interior elements and decorations. The club is definitely an attraction point for the visitors of Huizhou, China.By:Ala’ Abuhasan
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