A still tornado made of many wooden pieces stuck together. This mega sculpture is considered still art. It’s like capturing a picture of a moving object at a certain instant.

Arch2o (3)

Courtesy of Otoniel Borda Garzón

The only difference here is that this is for real not a picture. The material used which is the wood gives roughness to the sculpture. So, a real tornado is smooth and curved but the wooden pieces are edgy.

Arch2o (1)

Courtesy of Otoniel Borda Garzón

In spite of that, the tornado is imitated and the feeling is delivered. Creativity here is reusing something to create a new thing. This still art gave the space a dominant character.

Arch2o (5)

Courtesy of Otoniel Borda Garzón

The huge sculpture shaped as a tornado emphasizes the human scale because of the diversity of the proportions which is interesting as this sculpture leaves an impact on the people in the place making them feel the hugeness and greatness.

Arch2o (2)

Courtesy of Otoniel Borda Garzón

Same as the gothic churches in the past which were built huge in respect to the human scale. So, the sculpture not just gave a spatial quality but it affected the people too which are considered part of the space.

By Rehab Ayman Lotfy Abdel Fatah

Courtesy of Otoniel Borda Garzón

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