In 2012, Detour commissioned MATSYS for a pavilion that would serve as a social hub and center for their art and design festival held in Hong Kong. The resultant pavilion would have to “maximize its spatial performance while minimizing structure and material” since it was to be temporary, inexpensive, and efficient.

Arch2o-Shellstar Pavilion  MATSYS  (8)

Courtesy of MATSYS

At the same time, the temporary structure needed to be unique in design and appearance so that users would gravitate towards it. MATSYS used a variety of parametric programs (grasshopper, kangaroo, python, rhinoscript, lunchbox) in order to create a self-organizing system able to unravel itself to be designed and built within an impressive six weeks time.

Arch2o-Shellstar Pavilion  MATSYS  (3)

Courtesy of MATSYS

The Shellstar Pavilion’s design process was broken up into three parts: form-finding, surface optimization, and fabrication planning/panelization.

By Lyly Huyen

Courtesy of MATSYS

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