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To the west of Leiden Central Station, you’ll find Level. Level is a building that is home to a variety of organizations including the new ROC Leiden (regional training centre), a commercial and care hotel, office space, and a health club and wellness centre. The building is a small town in its own right where you can work, study, shop and interact.

Photography By Ronald Tilleman

The plot of land on which the building stands has been fully utilized, but its design incorporates large open interior spaces with panoramic views across the railway lines and the city of Leiden. These open spaces link the various parts of the building and not only provide great views of the outside world, but also serve as circulation and meeting areas. They allow visitors to orient themselves within the city and vice versa, i.e. visitors entering the building can map out the building’s lively interior at a glance.
The building’s three primary functions – ROC, hotel and office space – each have their own entrance, although they can all be reached from the main entrance hall on the square in front of the station. To reach the ROC, take the wide stairway to the first floor. From there, take the lift or stroll farther taking secondary stairways crossing the large atrium to the communal areas. From here, take a seat at one of the individual study/workspaces or in one of the private classrooms.
Above the ROC are offices. On the tenth and eleventh floors is a commercial/care hotel with convention facilities, a health club, swimming pool and wellness centre, and a restaurant with a fantastic view over the city. The hotel has its own entrance on the station side of the building.

Photography By Ronald Tilleman

Project Info
Architects : MVSA Architects
Location : Leiden, Netherlands
Year : 2013
Type : Mixed use/ Hotel/ Office

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