Celebrating 50 years of the mystery, Lamborghini announced the new born of this hyper car, the exotic, street-legal race car “Veneno” which is made entirely of carbon fiber. Limited to 3 copies, and estimated price of 3.6 million euros.

Arch2O Lamborghini Veneno-01
Lamborghini Veneno

To keep the weight down, the Veneno features extensive use of carbon-fiber reinforced polymer, including the entire tub and all exterior parts. The importance of weight reduction is even apparent by patented materials like the Forged Composite to make the seats and the CarbonSkin fabric material used on the seats and headliner.

Arch2O Lamborghini Veneno-08

Lamborghini Veneno

The Veneno name follows the Lamborghini tradition of naming its cars after famous fighting bulls, and this new Aventador-based hypercar is named after one of the fastest and strongest fighting bulls ever, a bull that gained recognition back in 1914 for killing a matador.

Lamborghini Veneno

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