While many expected Lamborghini to reveal its replacement for the Murcielago at the Paris Auto Show, but the company had a surprise ready. They showcased instead the Sesto Elemento Concept, a radically different car in terms of design and look.

Arch2o Lamborghini Sesto Concept Car  Lamborghini - 9

Courtesy of Lamborghini

The matte-finish carbon fiber exterior is super angular, wedgy and sharp with a number of air vents and triangular elements protruding from or perforating its body. The lines are quite futuristic and a bit a-typical for Lamborghini but it is somewhat a nice departure for them. Due to its carbon fiber body the car is super light and fast especially with a V-10’s 570 hp at 8000 rpm—torque stands at 398 lb-ft at 6500 rpm added to the combo.


Courtesy of Lamborghini

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